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Monday, January 7, 2013

The Long and Winding Road

Sunday, Jan 6 2013
Our fine weather didn't last long! After nice breakfast and chat with John and Ann we left Glen Dendron and headed north. It was misty or raining all the way up the coast.
We made a short stop in Oamaru so I could snap some pictures of the old buildings. Being Sunday, there was a bustle of activity in the historical district market.

It seemed like we drove forever. I snapped pics here and there. Eventually we headed out on the Banks Peninsula. We had lost our map that showed anything north of Timaru, so we had no idea what we were in for.

The road was very winding, and seemed to go on forever. At first the views were stunning, but as the road seemed to have no end, the steep hillsides and curving path only made Treklet and I feel sick. Every time we thought we were getting close, our hopes were dashed by another view of another stretch of wiggly asphalt.
When we at last came to an intersection that we thought would lead to our farmstay, the sign we were looking for wasn't there. Luckily, my cell phone had reception, and we were able to call for direction. We ended up down a gravel road, and confused again, only now the phone had no service. We eventually found our way to the farmhouse and and a cheerful Sue waving us to our parking spot. I must admit we were pretty frazzled and cranky after 90 minutes of twisting and turning, not knowing where the end of our journey would be, but Sue's cheerful demeanor (and her offer of a beer & wine) soon had us relaxed.
Shortly after our arrival, our prearranged evening meal was ready. Sue served us a Lamb roast, a quinoa salad, and some new potatoes and steamed veggies from her garden. After a coffee and berry-peach crumble for dessert I felt much more settled, and started making plans for activities during our stay here.

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