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Friday, March 21, 2014

Who could have known what would come from that graduation gift?

When our daughter, Katie, graduated from high school we gave her a fancy SLR camera (I know next to nothing about cameras--only how to take selfies on my phone).

That summer she started a little home based business taking senior portraits and homecoming pictures for her Alma Mater. 

Now, less than 5 years later, not only has her business grown, but she has a cosmetology license which allows her to offer makeup and hair services to her clients. 

She has also added a business partner who is her second shooter and video producer. He's her wonderful husband, Christian! 

Together they help preserve wedding memories for happy couples and get to travel far and wide doing so. 

I'm proud to share that Katherine Rose Photography is featured in the Hey Wedding Lady blog this week: 

Wow! Impressive, eh? 

Tell her SFMom sent ya!

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Evidently Shatner has his dates mixed up...

It is NOT April Fools Day. Now I'm kinda pissed...

I told him so, too.  What a douchebag thing to do.
1.7 million hearts were at stake.

On Shatner's Desertion....

Every morning I get up, drink a giant glass of water, make breakfast for my daughter, then grab a cup of coffee and a shake or oatmeal for myself and take a little time to clear my Facebook notifications and browse my Twitter feed. This morning I was not prepared for what I saw.


I couldn't quite comprehend this! Mr. Shatner was a PROLIFIC tweeter. He also interacted with fans. He promoted the hell out of his numerous projects and appearances on Twitter. I wouldn't have known about 90% of his stuff without it!

I screen-capped his tweets in my Twitter app because when I tried to favorite them I got an error message saying, "Sorry, that page does not exist."

Funny, by deleting his account almost immediately after posting that he was leaving, most of his 1,786.429 followers never got to see his farewell. Only a few of us saw it none of us know the reasons why.

I checked his Facebook page and there hasn't been an update in almost a year and there is nothing from him on the Group page there.  I checked his website and there hasn't been a blog post since March 4th. 

I felt enormously sad for a little while. Like there was a big hole in my Twitter that nothing could fill. How are we going to know what weird national holidays are coming up? I worried that when he actually dies in real life that I wouldn't survive the news. 

Then I got real. Yes, I'll miss Mr. Shatner on my timeline, but I won't crawl under the covers and drink myself into numbness. After all, Betty White just posted a hilarious tweet! And my paltry 2.157 followers need me! I've still got so much to tweet for!

For my last words on this I leave you with my current G+ and Facebook status:

Fast tracking the 5 stages of grief so I can get on with my life. 
Stage 1: NO!!! It can't be! ::checks Shatner's blog and Facebook page
Stage 2: WTF Bill! You just turn your back and walk out on 1,786,429 of us without an explanation?!!!
Stage 3: OK, Mr Shatner, if you come back I promise not to reply to any of your tweets.
Stage 4: I don't think I can face the day. Maybe I should delete all my social media, too. What's the point? I don't even want to watch Star Trek. :'-(
Stage 5: OK I'm over it. At least Betty White is still tweeting.

What about the Common People, Bill?

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Vegan, Non-GMO, Soy-free Protein Bars

Since it took me a couple of hours of googling, I decided to put all this research into a blog post.

IF I would have been keeping up with my blogging, you would all know that I've been on a fitness quest and have lost about 65 pounds over the last couple of years. More importantly than the weight loss, I've also made great improvements in general health and fitness through exercise and gradually changing my diet.
In case you missed this on Facebook, Twitter and G+
This is me on the left in January 2012 and on the right in October 2013

I'm not a vegetarian...yet...but my daughter is, and so I've been cooking and eating a lot of new plant-strong meals. While she is mainly a vegetarian for moral reasons, I have researched a lot about the health benefits of cutting out animal based foods from our diet.

While I have occasional meat, I feel less enthused about it and really don't crave it at all. It's mostly a matter of convenience: we still have a full-on carnivore living with us in the Alien. Treklet is by no means a vegan. She eats organic yogurt and eggs and cheese, but I'd like to steer away from dairy for various reasons which I will save for another post. (Steer away...see what I did there?)

I eat a lot of protein bars. They are convenient to keep in my car for snacks when I'm out and hungry. They help me fill in that protein serving that I'm usually short on by the end of the day because I still kinda suck at this vegetarian thing. I really love Quest Bars. I've been a big fan of them for a couple of years now. I need to replace them, though, because their main ingredient is isolated whey protein.

So my project today was to find vegan, non-soy, non-GMO, and, hopefully, organic protein bars. Here is what I found. They all have higher calories than Quest bars ( did I mention I LOVE QUEST BARS?) but Quest has isolated whey protein and isolated milk protein, which I'm not crazy about these days. I’m ordering the ones I haven’t tried before and will update later on my preferences. (I suck at blogging, too, so that's not exactly a promise)

I love Perfect Food Bars, which you can buy at Costco. They must be refrigerated, and they are high fat due to them being full of nut butters. The light bars are lower in calories and fat, but also only have 10 gm protein. 

22 Days has a protein and energy bars. You can save quite a bit by buying the Mocha Mantra bars via Amazon Subscribe and Save. I don’t see the Peanut Butter and Chocolate available for Subscribe and Save, though, and they have the highest protein. Again, these bars are high calorie at 290 with 20 gm protein, but they are lower in fat (10%) than the Perfect Food Bars. 

Dr. Mercola’s Pure Power Protein Bars are only available online in boxes of 12. They offer free shipping, but they are $1 cheaper on Amazon, also with free shipping. Their website has a lot of information on ingredients found in other protein bars, such as soy, whey isolate, casein, sweeteners, and on their own ingredients (brown rice protein, pea protein, tapioca syrup). They have 14 gm. protein, but I can’t find the full nutrition facts for a calorie and fat count. I can update when I receive my order. 

Organic Food Bar Protein has 22 grams protein and 300 calories. They have several other varieties, including raw varieties, but they are all around 300 calories, with varying amounts of protein from 8-14 grams. It’s about $11 cheaper to buy a box through Amazon’s Subscribe and Save. I would have liked to try a variety pack, but that isn’t available on Amazon. Besides, for the same calories, I’ll take the extra protein. It just works better for my metabolism.

Dale’s Raw Protein Bar boasts a whopping 22 gm. protein with 280 calories. They boast that they’re the only raw food bar with 22 g protein. Um, OK…  they have lots of yummy-sounding flavors.If you sign up for their mailing list you can get discount codes via email periodically. They are not available on Amazon! You have to spend $150 for free shipping on their site, and they offer no variety packs.
Dale’s also offers Raw Reduced Carb Protein Bars

Vega Sport Bars are available as a Recovery Protein Bar. They come in 2 flavors, and are available at Jimbo’s and Sprouts. They contain 15 gm protein and 230 calories with 7 gm fat.  They also make an Endurance Bar with only 8 gm. protein and 180 calories.

Square Bars are “rectangle free” and a combo pack is available! They are a little low on protein at 12 gm., but they also have only 200 calories. I’m trying they, because… no rectangles. If you like them on Facebook you’ll get an instant 10% code and they are offering free shipping.

Go Macro Protein Pleasure Bar offers 12 gm. protein in a 290 calorie bar. It boasts fair trade chocolate chips. Available through Amazon Subscribe and Save

Good On Ya bars have too little protein for me, but they are probably a good snack for a bike ride or something, when you need more carbs. They are a San Diego company, so I’ll support them here, as an energy bar.  Also, they are available at Jimbos. ;-)

Zing Bars look like a well balanced bar at 200 calories and 10 gm protein and 7 gm fat. Not as much protein as I'd prefer, but again, a good balanced and clean snack after exercise or mid-ride. I love that they have a vegan variety pack. Amazon's price matches the website, with no Subscribe and Save option, but if you have Prime, you could save on the shipping there.