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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

I'm So Verklempt

Treklet just made my, my month!

She was working independently on a writing assignment from school. I had not looked at the assignment yet, and didn't know what the topic was.

I was on my MacBook and saw a notification pop up that a document, mom.doc, was saved to our school dropbox, so I went to take a look at it. Here is what I found:

I think my mother is amazing because she is a multi-tasker. For example, she can teach me while doing the laundry, cooking, and talking on the phone. She is also very smart and is a great teacher. She can do almost all of my problems in her head and know the answer right away. She is always honest and can not tell a lie.

My mom is very talented. She can sing like an angel and can work a computer like a maniac! I have almost nothing to change about her but if I did, I would ask for her to be less busy. Her talents are what make her unique. My mom does not sing that often, but when she does it sounds super! What I love the most about my mom's talents is that she is fantastic at taking care of me. She says she will do anything for me. And I would do anything for her.

My mom teaches my lots of things including, be content with what you have and do not be greedy or jealous. She also teaches me to never lie. She says that lying will just lead to more lies. I try my best to follow that rule. She also says to be healthy! She goes on bike rides and finds fun ways to make things like healthy cakes.

My mom is the best because she loves me and because she takes care of me. She is very funny and hard working and I love her very much.

WOW! Can I possibly live up to that picture she just painted of me?! 
(she's obviously a very talented fiction writer)