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Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Keep calm and carry an umbrella

Still raining!
We didn't do much today. I went for a run this morning in the rain on the Queenstown Trail. I made lunch, then we went into Queenstown for a couple of hours of shopping. We didn't buy much, because prices are high :-(

The news on the TV is showing rivers peaking, road closures and flooding all down the west coast and in the mountain passes. On the Milford Track, 120 people were stranded for 2 days because of the rain, and at least one woman is being treated for hypothermia. The weather on the upper east coast looks fine. We will be there last. I'm just hoping it starts to clear up by tomorrow afternoon's horse ride.

I've thought of some more NZ differences...

* Our bacon in the US is called "streaky bacon". NZ bacon is called 'middle bacon' and has little fat on it. I love it! I bought some & made a proper Bilbo-approved bacon sandwich for breakfast.

* I've yet to see central heating or air conditioning here, but there are space heaters and wall heaters. Our family in Taranaki had room air conditioning units.

* you don't pay before you pump gas here. They still trust people here.

* remember those Internet Cafes we used to have in the 1990s? Yeah, they still have them. Usual fees are around $4/hour to use their computers.

* I have yet to see a blow dryer

* it is not unusual to still see separate hot and cold water faucets on sinks & tubs, although most places we've stayed have only showers, no bathtubs.

Speaking of showers, look at this weird setup we have this week. The shower door only covers half of the tub, and it's a long step down to get out. I almost wiped out the first time.

Pirates of The Caribbean is on Sky 2, so there you have our big plans for this evening! Here's hoping we can ride horses tomorrow and not have to paddle our way out of here.


  1. Love the pictures! I hope you enjoy the trip & time with Treklet & Alien, & come back soon! OMG I would have gone nuts on the Middle Earth tour...

  2. Great Blog posts. Your pictures are giving me a greater sense of New Zealand. A very diverse country indeed. I hope the weather clears for the last part of your vacation.