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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Widget is Inaccurate. Jen is getting your donations!

Jen had some PayPal issues earlier and had to change the email address on her account. The widget started working after the change, but all the donations before the switch are not showing up on it. Rest assured, your donations have been received and they will be available to her. She has PayPal verification of that. Thanks to everyone who has donated and/or helped spread the word!

Jen is exhausted, physically and emotionally. Hopefully sleep has finally won out late this afternoon. Her friend should be arriving early this evening. I thank God for so much in this time of tragedy: for many generous souls online, for a dear friend who is suspending her own life to travel a great distance to support and assist Jen this week, for the donation of shelter, for the marvelous Treknology that allows us instant communication, support and transfer of funds.  I am also grateful that Jen & her dog had left the house to sleep someplace warm. If she would have been asleep in the house with a smoldering attic, it could have been the end of Jen.

I spoke with Jen this afternoon. She is overwhelmed by the speedy mobilization of aid from her Twitter friends. She has a tough road ahead, but has come through hard times before. She is strong, smart and resilient. She is very grateful to all of you. Thank you very much!


  1. Okay, so you say the total $ raised is inaccurate. It currently reads as $980 - is that corrected now or is it still too low? What's the actual amount? Just curious.

  2. as of 0630 on 9 Feb the widget is missing $1300 in donations. This is because the account was initially set up under a different paypal email address. When Jen gets internet access for her computer she will accept those donations and hopefully they will show up. The money is available to her, she was able to see the emails from PayPay on her phone.
    The response has been wonderful. While $2380 does sound like a lot of money, remember, she has NOTHING. She will have to replace clothes, furniture, dishes, toiletries, appliances...literally EVERYTHING. Thank you to all who contributed and to all who are helping to spread the word!! You are all beautiful blessings!

  3. Can you send me the code you used for this widget so I can add it over on