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Thursday, February 10, 2011

Nothing But Ashes in the Ashes

Jen went to the house today, or to what used to be the house. She spent most of the day there, but nothing was recovered. Tomorrow workers will begin clearing the rubble and she is hopeful that some items will be found as the large parts are removed.

Her local AT&T office replaced her Micro Cell Tower for free today, so she has better 3G coverage now. 

Donated Socks & Legwarmers

She received donations of new shoes, sweat shirts, pants, socks, and legwarmers today. She'll be styling for a few days, at least! A local diner has agreed to feed her two hot meals per day as long as she needs it.

The local comic store that she has frequented three times a week (wait--that's more than Sheldon goes!) found out about her fire and gave her Death Dealer and Witchblade comics.

When the remains of the house are gone, Jen will begin making plans to leave the area. She will probably take the offer of the summer home in Missouri, but hasn't made a commitment yet.

I spoke with her on the phone tonight while she was at Walmart. I'm hoping to get that granny-pants video.

It's heartening to hear of material goods being donated by the local community, but Jen still needs a lot of help. Her friend, Laurie, will be with her a few more days, and then she'll be on her own. She has gotten rest, but emotions well up at random times. Just having to replace the face wash that she just bought last week brought tears today. It's going to be a hard recovery, and your support will go a long way to ease this difficult transition. Thank you for all your kind comments, tweets, and donations.

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Finally, for those of you going to the Star Trek Las Vegas Convention (The Khan)  in August, we are going to have a Star Trek Shower for Jen! She had a nice collection of geeky stuff, including plenty of Trek toys. If you will be at the Khan plan on bringing a Trek collectible, toy, prop, or memorabilia for Jen. If you're not going to the Khan we can make other arrangements to deliver. I'm starting a list of items so that we don't get too many duplicates, so be in touch if you have something in mind.

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  1. I have 1st edition of Witch Blade Collecter Editions Vol.1 for Jen. I should have Deadpool #5 sonewhere. :)