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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Wednesday Morning Update on TrekJen

Jen was able to get 6 hours of sleep. The fire chief and her pal are driving her out to the house site this morning  for a closer look. It snowed last night, but I'm not sure how much. Last night someone found one of her longboards in the ash and she forwarded the picture to me.

Tweeps have been generous in their donations and their spreading of the news! Jennifer is very grateful!!
Thanks to donations, and free general services from the eye doctor, she is going to get her glasses replaced today! YES! This is what I'm talking about people--Immediate Needs!! Thank you!

Also on the agenda today is finding a place to live.

I care barely imagine how tough seeing her burned up belongings is going to be for Jen. Please keep her in your thoughts today, and continue to share the donation link.

As of 9:20 a.m. PST on Wednesday 2/9 the donations are $2400. It sounds like a lot, but remember, Jen needs to replace EVERYTHING: clothes, toiletries, dishes, towels, a bed, furnishings, etc. Got $20? That could buy a pair of jeans. Got only $10? That could buy a couple of towels. Got only $5? That could buy some socks. Thanks for anything you can do!

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  1. SF MOM, you're an angel. I'm still devistated that you wouldn't adopt me, but I'm coping. Might as well tell you that I lied anyway. I can't cook. And if I could, I wouldn't.

    Anyways- I don't know how well you and Jenn know each other or for how long, but what a wonderful friend she has in you. I haven't known her for long, but it doesn't take long to see she's one in a million. Seems the worst things always happen to the best people. Something good always comes of it though.
    God bless. LLAP!