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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

The Big Five-OH!

My birthday is just around the bend...I'll be turning 50! I'm not fretting about that number, even though, as Treklet pointed out, it is half a century. Instead, I'm celebrating surviving this long!

I'm incredibly blessed with many material things. I'm also greatly blessed with amazing friends, both online and "real life." You know what I'd like my pals to get me for my birthday? Nothing! I'd rather they help me feed those less fortunate.

Our family is participating in a huge food-packing event on March 26/27. Our goal is to pack 500,000 meals! Those meals will be distributed to hungry people in Tanzania, Haiti and right here in San Diego. We are partnering with Friends and Family Community Connection in this project.

You know what? All that food costs money! Each rice and protein food packet contains 6 servings and costs about a quarter. That means we need about $125,000 to reach our goal.

Instead of a birthday present, I'd like you to donate towards this wonderful project. Any amount will do, and it's tax deductible. Just click this Donate link. When you are on the Preview Donation page (just before confirming your donation) you need to click on "Add special instructions to the seller." Please add FP-3/2011 as the special instruction so that your donation goes to our event.

Of course, if you'd like to join us for the actual packing, that would be fun, too! Register to volunteer in one-hour shifts beginning Feb 19 at http://www.i‐

My Tweeps love people, and I know you're heart breaks for those in need. Thanks for helping me make a difference!


  1. Done. But you'dve really liked the life size photon torpedo styled bobsled I was making you. Next year.

  2. And done. (And I can't wait to see the pics of you on this photon torpedo-styled bobsled RJM is building for you, ha! Next year is too far away.)

  3. Done! Love that you're donating your birthday SFM! Love you so much and hope you have the most rewarding and loving and fun 50th birthday ever! As my gramps used to say - you're never over the hill until you're six feet under it! *Cheers to life!