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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

TrekJen Update 2/9/11--Lots of Good News!

Wow! Where to begin. Jen had a full day!

First of all, thanks to all who have donated! If you haven't yet had the chance, here is the link. Any amount is helpful! We have collected around $2500 already! Almost 30 people have contributed. I know it sounds like a lot of money, but Jen has NOTHING. She needs clothes, furnishings, towels, dishes, toothpaste, appliances, dog name it! Please give as you are able, and share this link. 

This morning Jen received a generous grocery gift card from a local church. Other churches are donating food and clothing from banks they have.  A donation pool from her work was set up to pay her first months rent! How awesome is that?

The Red Cross really pulled through for her! They gave her a month's worth of microwave dinners and water, a Mastercard, and replaced her asthma medicine and nebulizer! They set her up with an optometrist who donated his basic services. She is using some of the money we've collected here to pay for the lenses. Poor Jen can't drive without her glasses and they were lost in the fire!
Isn't this the most depressing picture you've seen all day?

Jen's friend Laurie and the Fire Chief drove her to the house site today. There were some hidden treasures in the rubble.  Star Trek Ken and Barbie survived the fire!! Their box was fried, but they were in perfect condition inside. She sent me this picture of them celebrating. (I think their celebration was for finally being out of the box!) 

Yay! We survived a fire!

Jen's water heater seems to be in good condition, and her Duet washer and dry need a new power cable and a good cleaning, but otherwise appear to be OK. She found a family photo, which needs a new frame, one of her four sealed copies of Fantastic Four, and a metal file cabinet full of paperwork. She was unable to open the file cabinet, but hopeful that it wasn't too waterlogged inside.Various sealed metal containers were found full of water, but some of the contents may be saved.

She found 4 of her 5 hard drives! They did not burn, but she did pour water out of them. For now they are in rice. Tomorrow she will try to find some silica powder. I told her a craft store may have some for flower drying.

Great advice and support has been coming in via Twitter. @NebraskaDave reminded her to get copies of her W2 and other important forms for taxes ASAP. A computer expert, @CamaroSS was referred to us by @cbryanjones. He has some instructions for (hopefully) saving the data on the hard drives that were recovered today.  @RJM1138 has been tweeting pleas for assistance for 2 straight days. He has offered up some of his amazing Star Trek collection to help Jen redecorate once she's settled. @grimagination offered to transfer all of his Starbucks card balances to her. @tishalulle1 has clothing in Jen's size she is willing to send. The response has been wonderful.

Just this evening I got a very excited text from Jen. Someone has offered her 6-9 months RENT FREE in their FURNISHED summer home in Missouri. This is a great opportunity for her to get her life back! Her job takes her to MO, TX, OK and back to NM. She can travel for her job, keep her home base in MO, save money on rent and utilities, and rebuild her life and her belongings! It's wonderful news about a very generous offer!


  1. Wow!! I will never doubt the power of prayer (or twitter for that matter)!! Rock on!!

  2. That is amazing news, especially about the rent! And I haven't been this happy to see Barbie and Ken since I was 10 years old, LOL.

  3. Don't forget - William over at Trek United has volunteered his services for hard drive recovery!