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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Not much left to do...

Jen's having a rough go of it. She's been to the house site several times, and thought she found a few items more, but once she got them washed it was clear that they were ruined. Even the video games, which we saw in her video, are wilted and scratched. The tubs we saw in the video had some winter sweaters in one and some books in the other.

She's got a few pictures, some books, the ring, Mr. Potato Head, Ken and Barbie, and 4 soggy hard drives. Not much else. A few random things, shown below. As of the time of this writing, the remains of the house are being trucked away to the dump.
Jen's baby blanket. A coal got into the bag and burned one spot in it. She will see if someone can repair it.

the box has severe water damage, but the figures seem OK
Kirk is OK, but the chair got wet and the sound effects no longer work.
Misc stuff in this box includes some Star Trek keychains.
There is not much left to do in New Mexico. Jen is making plans to leave for Missouri, hopefully by week's end. Once she's settled in there she can get back to work. I'm sure being alone in a motel is only feeding the depression she must be feeling.
Please keep Jen in your thoughts and prayers and if you can help out with a donation here's the link:

I'd also like to share a couple of links of bloggers that have been helping to spread the word about Jen's fire and just say Thanks to them.
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