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Sunday, February 13, 2011

Video from the ruins

Jen uploaded an iPhone video today of the one room of her house that had any hope of salvage. I can't even figure out what to say about it. It's so personal, so tragic.

Jen has been very brave through all of this. She has not felt able to say much on Twitter, but is texting with a few of us, and I have spoken to her on the phone. Her friend, Laurie, had to leave today.  I feel just horrible that she is now all alone. Hopefully she can leave New Mexico soon and begin rebuilding her life and get back to work.

The video is here.

Please, if you haven't already, consider sending a donation to help Jen rebuild her life. Just click the "Chip In" button on the widget. Feel free to leave comments here or at the ChipIn site, and please share this link.


  1. Hey. My name is Zach and I am the owner of Star Trek Radio. I learned about this today from my friends over at Airlock Alpha and I would really like to throw our support behind this.

    Can you contact me so we can figure out the best way for us to help?


  2. This is The Admiral. I got Trek stuff, but I need to know what she would like. She can tell you about me.