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Friday, September 17, 2010

Vons Trip--my percentage is climbing!

I have had a hard time getting my savings much above 50% on grocery store purchases. But today I saved 58%. My drugstore savings are anywhere from 65%-100% but you can't buy meat and produce at Walgreens and CVS!  A few of my grocery store trips were even as low as 38% and I was feeling bummed about it, but since getting back to school and routine, I've been spending more time on my grocery planning.
One thing I noticed today was that there were a lot of GRUMPS at the store! Even the cashier confirmed that she had a lot of crabby people go through her line today. One woman was so rude to me! There was plenty of room for her cart to pass me, but she curtly said, "Would you share the aisle and move over?" I pleasantly said, "Sure, excuse me." She gave me a snotty "Thank you," and I replied my "Your welcome," as cheerfully as possible. A little while later I saw her be mean to a young mom with a little one in tow. I saw she was visibly shaken, so I assured her that she was polite enough and that lady must have been having a bad day. Then there was the man at the deli insisting the workers drop everything for him because he had to get to work! Oh my.

Today's best deals were FREE Campbell's soups (including broth for cooking). I used eCoupons from Shortcut$.com combined with printable coupons from Campbell's Facebook page. The soups were on sale for $1 each, and my eCoupons were $1.50 off 3 (2 coupons, one for "cooking soups" and one for any condensed soup except chicken noodle, tomato or "cooking"), and my two printables were the same. So I got 6 cans for free!  Another promo going on now is that with any 5 you get 100 bonus points from Labels for Education, so our school got a little something too (and I cut the labels off the cans for the school).

Split chicken breasts and huge t-bone steaks (each one enough for 2 people!) were on sale CHEAP. There were some great produce prices on seedless grapes (any color .88/lb) 5 lb sacks of potatoes for .88, strawberries at 1.50, raspberries at 1.99, gala apples for .59/lb, tomatoes for .99/lb and corn for .33/ear. 

I also picked up cheap orange juice ($2/64 oz), butter ($2.49) and Arm & Hammer laundry detergent ( only $1.49 after coupons!) Last week the store was sold out of Safeway 100% whole wheat bread, which was on an ad coupon deal for only $1.19. I had my coupon stamped at the store, and was able to use it today. I can't get bread that cheap at the outlet store, and it's even 100% whole wheat!

Finally, Rosarita beans of every variety are on sale for $1/can this week. I couldn't find a coupon, so I wasn't going to get any, but they have a promo going on now that when you buy 2 cans you get a free package of Mission tortillas. I threw them in the freezer to make quesadillas one of these days with some of the cheese I have stockpiled in there.

So I guess I did alright. I put the chicken breasts in a vacuum bag with marinade and I'll throw them in the crockpot in the morning. I have a day filled with chores and errands, and my daughter's boyfriend will be over for dinner, so now I'll have something to serve for dinner with minimal effort.

My lists for Wags and CVS are all made out for next week. I spent a long time this morning pouring over the blogs and printing and clipping coupons. I'm sure I'll tweak them a bit as more info comes out on the blogs. I'm going to try to pay more attention to the deal scenarios on a few of the blogs, such as Wild for Wags and Chief Family Officer to limit my OOP expense. I KNOW I can do better. I haven't got the hang of buying things I don't need in order to save bigger and get more of what I do need for free, but I'm determined to learn and make the Drugstore Game work overtime for me!


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