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Monday, September 20, 2010

CVS FTW...Wags, not so much.

I took some coupons and ECBs from yesterday and went to CVS this morning. I paid $1.02 OOP and got $7.80 ECB back, and I still have $2 ECB leftover from yesterday's trip! Here's what I got:

Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick       $6.99  MQ $2, Peelie  $2 earned $5 ECB
Edge Infused Shaving Gel      (2)     $2.79 ea, MQ BOGO, MQ $1, earned $1.80 ECB
Quilted Northern 12 Big Rolls         $5.99  CVS Q $1
Ivory Soap 3 bar pk. (3)                 $.99 ea, (3) MQ .25 ea

All this for $1.02 OOP and I got $7.80 ECBs back!

So far this week I've spent $9.48 OOP and still have $9.80 ECB and (3) $4/$20 coupons left!
BTW, one of my ECBs is from my bag tag. You do have one, don't you?

I went to the doctor today with the Dead Guy (the cadaver tendons in my ankle) and she was very pleased with my progress. I am now allowed to gradually increase my activities, with my brace on, and gradually increase my time out of the brace when I am not exercising. Yay! I don't have to go back for three whole months.

After my wonderful trip to CVS and the doctor, I thought I'd try to bet Walgreens. The fates wouldn't have it! I stopped at the first Walgreens where I bought a Thermacare wrap, on sale for $2.49, minus a $1 MQ. I paid $1.49 OOP and got $1.50 RR and a $3/$15 coupon, which expired tomorrow. So I decided to do my second trip right away to use the coupon. I sat in the car, planned my trip, and went to the next Wags, just a couple of miles away and on the way home.

FAIL #1: I planned to buy 2 Tilex and 2 Glade Plug-In refills and Trident gum, which would put me over the $15 threshold for the coupon and give me $3 RR back. The store was sold out of Tilex, and the Plug-In refills were the only Glade products NOT on the RR deal.  I went to my car to get the rest of my coupons and tried to wing it.

FAIL #2:  I put $18 worth of stuff in my cart, before coupons. At the register everything fell apart. First of all, the Reach toothbrush coupon wouldn't work. We never figured out why. With the WQ & MQ it would have been free, but since I didn't need a toothbrush, I just had the girl void it. I'm still over $15, so I figure it's no big deal.  The clerk rings everything up, then the $3/$15 coupon. Fine. Then she scans the Wags coupons, which are the ones that really bring the sale price down. They don't work! Guess what? The $3/$5 coupon at Wags will ONLY work if your total is $15 AFTER coupons. Otherwise, it voids the other coupons! This just doesn't happen at any other store. No matter what, Wags is gonna get $12 out of you if you want to use that coupon. So again, we void...we void the whole transaction and start over!

FAIL #3She rings it all up again, takes all the MQs off, then the WQs. Now the Wags Trident coupon won't work! Gah! Seems it's only good for one specific kind of Trident. Luckily the manager knew right where to find it, so we voided the gum, and rang up the correct variety, then the coupons all worked. Whew!

I didn't get what I set out to, but I still managed to save 71%. Here's what I got::

5 boxes Royal sugar free gelatin at 5/$1
3 3-packs of Trident White gum at 2/$4  minus a $2 MQ
Quaker 1 minute oats for $1.50  minus a $1 MQ
Peeps Ghosts (3 per pkg) for .39
Peeps Pumpkins (5 per pkg) for .39
2 Reeses Pumpkins for .39 ea.

After coupons and RR I paid $5.56 OOP.  I did spend $1.56 on junky Halloween candy, but I've put them away for Treklet and I'm done with Halloween candy. I have a stockpile of Betty Crocker Fruit Snacks that I got for free several months back and a bag of individually wrapped pineapple hard candies from Hawaii that nobody is eating, and that's what I'm handing out.

I may or may not visit Wags again this week. There are some great deals on stock up items that I'm not close to running out of yet, but if the shopping whimsy hits I will get baking soda ( I use it for cleaning!), salt, honey, mushrooms, peroxide (another cleaning product in my house!), and raisins. My daughter mentioned she's out of foundation. I have some Covergirl coupons, and Wags has a BOGO half off sale, so maybe we'll visit Wags together tomorrow. And who knows? Maybe the Tilex truck will have delivered by then!

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