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Monday, September 13, 2010

It must be Hormel week!

I got some great deals at Vons last night. I'm actually dividing my shopping into two visits, because I have two different Vons ads, each with a Vons Coupon for Hormel Black Label Bacon for $3.99 with minimum $10 purchase, limit four. So if I make two trips I can get eight pounds total. I also have eight $1/1 manufacturer coupons! Bacon is at a premium right now, with the regular price at around $7.99/lb. so this is a steal!

I also got boneless, skinless chicken breasts in the meat case for $1.97/lb. I'll pick up another tray today. I plan to cook them up on the grill, slice, and freeze them so I will have it on hand for recipes and salads.

A few other great deals included large jars of Ragu for .50 each, baby carrots for $1.00/lb, and Del Monte veggies for .79.

Today's trip is going to include some cheap bread, yogurt and more bacon!

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