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Monday, February 22, 2010

New Week...New Deals! And freebies in my mailbox!

There weren't many RR or ECB deals that caught my eye, but I still managed to score big today.
(click on the purple links to get your own freebies)

First stop: Walgreens for a MONEYMAKER. I had a coupon for $2/1 any Excedrin. Wags has Excedrin Menstrual relief on sale for $2.50 with a $2 RR. I figured Katie could use it, so with the coupon it was FREE and I actually made $1.50. I also got 2 packs of Trident Layers gum for Treklet on sale for .89 with .75 off coupons. My total OOP at Wags was $1.20 and I got $2 RR back. Sweet.

Next stop: CVS. Katie mentioned she was running low on tampons. Our preferred brand, OB, is also the most expensive. Luckily I found $1 printable coupons this week. The cheapest I've seen them is around $7 for a box of 40. CVS has them on sale this week for $4.49. My coupons expire 3/15. Some of the boxes had $1 peelies on them, which don't expire until June, so I kept them and used my printables, so the next time I see a deal I'll have more coupons. Still, $3.39 a box will be hard to beat, so I may go back and stock up.

I had $10 ECBs for filling out a short survey online. I recommend registering your CVS card online and signing up for surveys. It's easy free money, and doesn't take much time at all!

I also got a $5/$15 coupon at the scanner when I entered the store. Don't forget to scan your card at the red box scanner every time you shop. You may get something $5!

OK, so what else did I get? Treklet needs reflux meds. A box of 60 CVS generic Pepsid AC was regular price $13.99 marked down to 3.99. woot! Clairol Colorsilk was BOGO and I had another $1 coupon, printed from the Campbells cream of mushroom and cream of chicken soups were on sale for .89 and I had a coupon for $1/4. I use these for crockpot meals sometimes, and used my last one on Friday.

I planned to get Puffs at .88 ea with a .25/3 coupon, but they were out of stock. I might get some later in the week, but it's not a priority because I have enough Kleenex to last a while.

All totaled up, the shelf cost before markdowns, coupons, and ECBs was $51.54 and I paid $6.47 OOP!

I texted Katie and told her it's OK to menstruate now. LOL

I just picked up a few fresh veggies and a couple of packages of stew meat on sale at the grocer. I finished the month at 2/3 of my new lower grocery budget! I used my coupon for a FREE bottle of Extra Strength Excedrin that I got in the mail last week (don't answer Exedrin on the questionaire). Also FREE this week: a sample pack of Mariani Dried Plums (use code SUPERFRUIT) which is in hubby's lunchbox for tomorrow, a FREE sample pack of Poise pads with a coupon that expires in December (3 different pads included), & a FREE sample pack of Kleenex.

Here are few freebies you can get by mail: 7-Day All-Bran Promise Pack, several freebies from Walmart including Olay, Tide & Crest Whitestrips

Tomorrow I'll be making a quick trip to Target for a few FREE & a few cheap deals, and across the street to Staples to turn in a couple of ink cartridges. I hope my January ink reward comes in the mail soon because I maxed out last month! I should be getting $30!

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