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Monday, February 8, 2010

Important Walgreens Lessons Learned

I had $5 RR and a new batch of $1.50 off Dove Men + Care coupons, so I headed to Wags after dropping Treklet at school.

First Store, First Lesson: I got the Dove for $5.99, minus the $1.50 coupon. That's $4.49. Added a Valentine Peep for .50 on sale. That's $4.99, plus the tax on the Dove, which is calculated before coupons, so it's .52 tax. That made the total $5.51. But I could not use my $5 RR to pay. Why? Because the coupon transaction is calculated before the tax! (Confuzzling, I know, right?) So I added a Reese's Valentine Heart for .50 on sale and the register accepted my RR. I had to pay $1.01 OOP. Weird.

Second Store, Second Lesson: Stopped at the Wags on the way home to use my new $6 RR. I picked up another Dove Men+ Care so I could add a couple of free items and still have $6 RR, following? Well that's all wrong! I didn't get another $6 RR. Why?? Because you can't use a RR that you got from a product to purchase the same product again! The computer knows you are trying to get another one for free!

The clerk tried to explain that the coupon doesn't work if you are paying less that the item is worth, because I had a coupon, but that didn't make sense since I already just did it at the same store yesterday, and another store earlier today. She told me to ask the manager. Well guess what? I'm the one that figured it wasn't the $1.50 coupon, it was the RR Coupon that messed things up...I got the RR for the Dove, so I can't use it to buy the Dove again. Look at the picture: The RR says Thank You from Unilever (that's who makes Dove). But you know what? The manager was totally cool, and used his Magical Manager Key to print me out a new $6 RR! Yippee!! I got lucky this time, but I know better for the future. So I ended up getting Kleenex (.89 on sale), another Valentine Peeps and Valentine Reeses (.50 ea) and another bottle of Dove Men + Care all for .98 and I STILL have $6 Register Rewards left!

The Wags game is fun and profitable, but there are a few more strings attached than at CVS. Treklet has karate tonight, and there is a Wags next to the studio. I'm gonna go and use my $6 RR for some Wags brand mucinex, ($6 for 20), and get $4RR back, which I'll roll for another deal Wednesday, when we are back at karate.

At the end of the week I'll put up a picture of all I got at Wags this week and how much I actually spent out of pocket.

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