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Monday, February 8, 2010

I Am One Happy Trekkie!

Remember the Utopia Planitia poster I got? Well that frame I bought at Michaels just wasn't working for me so I returned it this morning. I inquired about custom framing, but the cost for that would be $135 AFTER coupons! Forget about it!!

Instead, i took my poster to Staples this morning and had it laminated. It was $6, and I paid for it with my Ink Recycling Rewards. So my free poster, laminating and all, was completely FREE after all! Yippee!

On the way there I made another Walgreens run (2 stores!) and I'll post about all my Wags deals at the end of my Register Rewards run later in the week. All I'll say is I'm streeeeetching my dollars!

And on the way home I found a filled in punchcard from Hot Shots and got a FREE large mocha!

Ah, what could be better than FREE chocolate and coffee and FREE Treknobilia?

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