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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Relaxation! It's actually hard for me.

I woke up with a bit of a stuffy head & sore throat. I'm not really very sick, but since I had nothing pressing on my calendar today (amazing, right?) and it's not my carpool week, I asked The Alien to get Treklet ready for school so I could sleep in. Of course, 20 minutes later I was up anyway. Still, I am taking it easy for the second day in a row! This never happens.

I checked out a show on my Netflix queue, Arrested Development, while I browsed Tumblr. I enjoy the pictures on Tumblr, but it really is just fluff. The show was lame. It is now deleted from my queue.

I'm now sitting in my uber-comfy papasan chair on my balcony soaking up sunshine and reading (and blogging) on my marvelous iPADD. I'm so pleased that we splurged on this wonderful gadget for my birthday last month! I am also amazed at the battery life. Yesterday I streamed Hulu, read comics, tweeted, tumbled, facebooked, browsed, listened to music and cooked (recipe app--its not a kitchen utensil) with my iPADD all day and into the evening with a single charge. No way my iPhone can battery can keep up with me like that!

I just finished reading Volume 1 of Neil Gaiman's The Sandman with my pooch, Tuvok at my side. I can hear our resident House Wren singing his heart out, announcing to the world that this is HIS yard and that gourd holds HIS mate and HIS nest. Lesser Goldfinches are at the Niger feeder and Anna's hummingbirds buzz to and fro sipping nectar from the feeders I replenished on Sunday. All three feeders are nearly empty already. The fountain trickles steadily. The air is heavy with the scents of jasmine and orange blossoms. It's all so calming and peaceful, yet my brain keeps interrupting: better fill those feeders, the fountain looks a bit green--time to clean it, fruit is falling--you should go harvest the tangelos, maybe you should fertilize and weed the veggie garden....

It's 10:30. Have I relaxed enough yet? Can I go DO stuff now?

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