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Thursday, April 7, 2011


I like bats. I don't understand people who are afraid of them. Afraid of what? They eat bugs, not people? The bats around here are smaller than the palm of your hand. I mean, it's not like they're SPIDERS!

Treklet & I enjoy sitting on the balcony at dusk looking for "batty bats." The back of our house faces a hill, the lower part of which is covered in native live oaks and the upper part in avocado trees.

Yesterday afternoon I spotted something on the stucco outside my house. It was a little shivering bat! I snapped a couple of pics from a distance of about 3 feet, then the little furball spread its wings and fluttered into the woods.

Today as I was browsing my Google Reader I spied this article on bats: Bats Worth Billions to Agriculture--But They're Dying Fast.  I also spied this article on bees: Honeybees 'entomb' Hives to Protect Against Pesticides. I find lots of dead honeybees on the ground around my house. I often wonder if the avocado grove uses pesticides that are harmful to them.

Bats and bees: two amazing species that are very helpful to humans, yet both are so bitterly feared and hated, and both are in very big danger. Think again about the precious bees and bats, won't you?

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