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Monday, March 15, 2010

So many little time!3+63.

I had an amazing day of shopping Monday...and my feet held out! The new shoes and inserts are the bomb!First stop, Walgreens, where I got 3 bottles of Hawaiian Tropic sunscreen for our vacation. I had coupons, so I paid $17.80 OOP for a shelf cost of $38.80 and got $8 RR back. Bottom line: $3.27 each.

Next stop, another Walgreens! I'm getting to know the morning cashiers and that makes them very helpful! I got the rest of the stuff in the picture for $3.36 OOP and got $4 RR back. :-)

My next adventure was getting a mammogram: squiiiishhh. I was in RB near Carmel Mtn. Rd., so I hit some stores on the way home to save gas. First I went to CVS where I got 8 deodorants for a total OOP of $1.75 and got 8 ECBs back! I shared some with my bestie and put the rest away for later use and/or donations. Truthfully, I only use aluminum-free deo, so I won't use any of these myself.

I noticed a Ralphs and a Rite-Aid next to each other, so made another stop. See why I keep all my lists and coupons in envelopes in a small accordion file in the car? All i wanted at Ralph's was some sale produce. I ran in, got a cucumber, 2 zucchinis and 2 small packages of blueberries. I had coupons for free Marcal TP, but they didn't carry the single rolls required. I spent $6.07.
Rite-Aid was next. I usually don't get much there, but this month the sales have been pretty good. Doug likes chips in his lunches (I pack him a lunch most days) and large bags of Lays were 2/$5 (reg. $3.99). I didn't have a coupon, but we were out of chips. I thought it was a pretty good price. I also got hair color, Puffs, Goldfish and mascara. I actually tried this particular mascara, Maybelline Full & Soft last month on a cheap SCR deal at Rite-Aid and really liked it. Maybelline is on sale BOGO1/2 off and I had a coupon for $1. I didn't get it as cheap as I would like (I paid $5 each) but it's still a lot less than my usual Mary Kay mascara and I think I like it better. In all I saved 54% for an OOP of $21.55...a big bill for me for Rite-Aid, but my hair and eyelashes will look good and Doug got his chips. ;-)

My last stop on the way home was Target. I had a short list. I bought 4 24-oz boxes of Frosted Mini Wheats for $10. I had 2 $1.5/2 coupons and Target gave me a $5 GC back. Bottom line: .50/box. I also used 5 printable Johnson's $1.1 coupons and got 5 bars of Buddies Soap (.97 ea) for FREE! They are going to Alternatives today with some diaper coupons I've been clipping for them. Finally, I bought a dozen eggs for $1.

Later in the day, while Treklet was at a Science program, I went to Vons. I was able to buy $123.11 worth of groceries for $47.97 and I got a catalina for $3.50. That's 61% savings on groceries plus $3.50 back.

But wait! There's more....the cashier that I have befriended at Wags let me in on a little secret: those Register Rewards you get there are manufacturer's coupons, and good anywhere! I tried it at Vons! I was able to use $6 in RR for groceries!! Now I won't have to get stuff I really don't need yet at Wags just to avoid a RR expiring. :-) That made me happy.

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