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Sunday, March 7, 2010

Rite-Aid is Paying Me!

I went to Rite-Aid tonight to make sure I got the deal I wanted. I was frustrated last week because I went on Thursday and they were out of stock of 4 of the 5 items I wanted!

I got 3 John Frieda Root Awakening and 4 boxes of OB tampons for $4.48...and I'll receive a $5 rebate! I made .52!

I tried the new John Frieda Root Awakening for breakage-prone hair on Treklet's hair after getting a screaming deal on it at Walgreens in late January. She loves the way it smells, and I think her hair looks better, too. I've blogged before about's the only brand Katie and I like, but it's also usually the priciest.

Rite-Aid has 18 count boxes of OB for $1.99, and I had 4 $1 coupons. The John Frieda was 3 for $15 with a $5 SCR and I had 3 $3 coupons, plus 2 $1 Rite-Aid coupons. I also had a $5/$20 coupon which I got for watching ads on Rite-Aid's website. Truthfully, I just let them run on mute while I watch TV.

I'm so glad I went tonight because I got the last 2 conditioners, and the last of super and super-plus tampons. It's so irksome that they don't stock up on advertised sale items!

I'm going back tomorrow, hoping they still have Planter's peanuts in stock! I've got 4 $1/2 coupons and a $3/$15 coupon. Peanuts are on sale for $1.99, and there is a $3 SCR when you spend $15 on Planters. that means I'll pay $5.92 for 8 jars (.74 ea). Treklet loves peanuts!

I'm expecting a $3 SCR check in the mail next week from last month's purchases. I like getting instant gratification from CVS and Wags with ECBs and RRs, but I figure since I haven't missed that $3 I'll just put it in my Convention Fund envelope (for comic Con and Star Trek Vegas).

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