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Friday, March 21, 2014

Who could have known what would come from that graduation gift?

When our daughter, Katie, graduated from high school we gave her a fancy SLR camera (I know next to nothing about cameras--only how to take selfies on my phone).

That summer she started a little home based business taking senior portraits and homecoming pictures for her Alma Mater. 

Now, less than 5 years later, not only has her business grown, but she has a cosmetology license which allows her to offer makeup and hair services to her clients. 

She has also added a business partner who is her second shooter and video producer. He's her wonderful husband, Christian! 

Together they help preserve wedding memories for happy couples and get to travel far and wide doing so. 

I'm proud to share that Katherine Rose Photography is featured in the Hey Wedding Lady blog this week: 

Wow! Impressive, eh? 

Tell her SFMom sent ya!


  1. Beautiful!! By the way... I just featured your blog as this week's Blog of the Week on Blog Mommas! Congratulations!! xxoo

  2. P.S. WOW!! Your daughter's photographs are AWESOME.

  3. Thanks! I'll be sure to let Katie know, too! ;D