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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

I found a few journal pages in my office from a camping trip I took many years ago, before I was married. I used to take off whenever I had 3 or more days off with my German Shepherd, Sparky, usually to the Eastern Sierra.
I remembered the trip as I read the short notes. it was unique in that I brought my cat, Joey. Who could forget getting peed on by a cat in a camper shell in below-freezing temps?
I do not know what year this was. The page is dated 11/27-29 with no year. (fail) I can guess that it was perhaps 1987 or 1988. The price of gas was noted as $0.90/gallon...and that was in a remote area! My goodness, I paid $4.25 this week!
Anyway, it's a silly little trip down memory lane for me. The notes end with me checking in to Red Rock Canyon State Park for $4/night and $3 for firewood. I remember that I burned the sole of my hiking boot on the fire ring that night, but there is no journal entry beyond checking in.
I've scanned the pages into a .pdf file, as I've done with other trip reports I've found on my shelves. I don't think I'd imagined that would be possible to do from my home office back then. I think I was still using a DOS system and floppy disks then!!

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