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Sunday, May 6, 2012

An Afternoon at the Tide Pools

Last Thursday Treklet had a wonderful opportunity.

I keep in touch with the Marketing Manager of Stephen Birch Aquarium via Twitter. Birch is one of Treklet's favorite places to visit, and when we do, I always tell Jessica we are coming so I can collect a hug. Last Wednesday Jessica asked if we were available the following day to help KFMB and Executive Director Nigella Hillgarth film a segment for an upoming documentary.

Since we homeschool, our schedule is flexible. We finished our lessons in the morning, then headed to LaJolla to meet Jessica at 1:00. We were shown upstairs, where I saw the amazing view from the Conference Room.
After a very short wait on the "couch that Bill Clinton sat on" we were introduced to Director Hillgarth and headed outside. Jessica drove us down the long hill in a Scripps Institute of Oceanography truck and introduced us to the waiting TV station representative where I signed release forms.
disclaimer: She rode in the backseat with a seat belt! This was taken after we arrived.

Director Hillgarth, Treklet and I hiked across a rocky beach to the tide pools north of the Scripps Pier where we met up with Audrey from the Education Department and our cameraman, John,  who fitted Nigella with a microphone pack.

For the next hour or so, we peered into tide pools looking for creatures of the intertidal zone. John filmed our knowledgeable guide teaching Treklet all about the shore crabs, anemones, mussels, limpets, and snails that they saw. Audrey and I spied a sea hare that was busily grazing on seaweed, and that was a highlight for Nigella to point out to the camera, as was the lovely large ochre star.

Birch Aquarium Executive Director Nigella Hillgarth teaching Treklet about CA Black Mussels

A Snowy Egret dropped in for a snack
Here's a cute little shore crab.

Finally, our cameraman asked Treklet a few questions, which she answered directly into the camera, and then the four of us headed back to the Jessica at the truck. 

Once back up the hill at Birch, we thanked the women and browsed the gift shop (Treklet never lets me out of the aquarium without a visit to the store) before heading to La Jolla Shores beach where Treklet played at the waters' edge for a short while.
it's cold!
La Jolla Shores, looking north toward Scripps Pier
La Jolla Shores, looking south toward La Jolla Cove


  1. Congrats to Treklet on her starring role! What a lovely, fun opportunity!!

    Btw, newish follower of your blog, which is a delight to read. :-)

  2. Gorgeous!!! Man..all these pictures makes Ohio look extra lame...

  3. Extremely fun! Time capsule the final product, if you can - she'll want to post it on YouTube when she gets older. ;)