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Friday, March 4, 2011

Quick TrekJen Update

Our pal Jen is settling in at her temporary residence in Missouri. A friend donated this cute summer home for her to stay in for a few months. It looks cozy and quiet! She says looking for a house to buy is frustrating, but  I guess that's true for everyone. I'm sure she'll find something before she needs to move again.

She's back to work and taking some time for herself. She borrowed some hiking/climbing equipment one day and scrambled up Elephant Rocks.

Just a little while ago she contacted me and was very excited to have found a great deal on a new bed. I've got a P O Box address for her now. Email me if you need it.

Remember, if you are going to the Star Trek Convention in Las Vegas in August we are giving Jennifer a Trek Shower! Bring a little something "Trek" for her. You can email me through this blog, or DM me on Twitter with what you might have to shower her with. That way I can keep a list and try to avoid duplicate gifts.

Also, you can still donate good old cash through this link:

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