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Thursday, October 21, 2010

My Weekend and My Mailbox

I was away at Hollywood/Trek Xpo over the weekend, and had a great visit with some of my convention pals. The convention wasn't very well attended, by talent or fans, but those few of us that already knew each other had a wonderful visit!

Although I fought with a horrible headache all weekend, I still had enough respite from it to spend loads of time laughing with my friends Melissa, Patsy, Ernie, Kurt, Terry, Alan, Mary, John and Brett

I enjoyed the few panels I saw. I got giggly with Ernie at the BSG panel and I watched Kurt drool over Suzie Plakson at the TNG panel. I laughed my head off with Melissa and Patsy at John Billingsley, who later joined our group for snacks in the bar. I was fascinated by Cirroc Lofton's knowledge of Ethiopian history and the Ark of the Covenant.

Friday night Patsy, Missy, Kurt and I went to Citywalk, where I mercilessly flirted with the waiter at dinner and got a ride back to the Hilton in a fire engine! Yep! LA Station 76 rocks!!Oh, and we got them to sing Happy Birthday to Melissa (her birthday is in April!).

Saturday night I enjoyed a burger and very fun conversation with Kurt, but my Klingon Code of Honor prevents me from sharing the topic. Death Before Dishonor! I almost didn't go out at all that night, because I felt like my brains were going to explode through my eyeballs, but a handful of Naprosyn, a nap, a bit of scotch, and lot of laughter fixed me right up. Thanks Kurt and Ernie for salvaging my evening!

It's so good to have friends that love the same things you do. Star Trek, and Sci Fi in general, is so great for bringing people from all different walks of life together with a common interest. I love my Contourage!

Here's what I got in my mailbox this week:
3 FREE bags of gourmet popcorn from The Popcorn Factory
2 FREE magazines
FREE Super Sticky Post-It Notes
FREE Crest Pro-Health for Me toothpaste sample with 5 $1 coupons and a $2 coupon
FREE 12 oz bag of Green Mountain Coffee with a FREE travel mug

That last one was my favorite. :-)

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  1. I did NOT drool! Ok, maybe a little bit...but it was the tribble dander! Stirred up my allergies. That's the story I'm sticking to. Yup!