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Thursday, January 27, 2011


Oh, wow, a double-post! This is also on my other blog: Getting Buy On Less

I don't just like saving money, I like saving time, too!
I take a lot of pictures with my iPhone. I like to share them on Twitter, Facebook, my blogs and my digital scrapbooks. I found a way to get those pics off my phone and into my laptop and my PC without a USB cord, thumb drive or disc!

I downloaded a FREE program called Dropbox. There is also a Dropbox app for my iPhone.  Basically, from my phone I just open the app, click "photo" and choose a picture to "drop" in the "box." Later, using either one of my computers, I just click on the Dropbox icon and a folder opens that contains everything in my box.

I can share files between computers very easily! I can even drag a file from the box to my Twitter client or Picasa on the web!

I have found other uses as well. I keep many recipes in my computer. I sometimes find a good one in a magazine, and after trying it out on the family I type it into my laptop. I used to have to copy the document to a thumb drive and carry it upstairs to my PC and copy it to my recipe folder there, but now I just drop it in my box and voila! I have all of my hundreds of recipes on both computers! I can start writing a blog post offline, and continue it on my other computer later.

There are zillions of uses for this FREE program that I can think of, and I'm not even in the business world! You can even share files with other people using Dropbox. Just click the link to get your own Dropbox.

I just have one question: Why didn't anybody tell me about Dropbox before?! :-D

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